Testing and Investigating

Ullmann Laboratories is supporting various industries. From strong leadership of the senior management team to a highly technical and knowledgeable staff, ULPL has the experience and expertise to provide a wide range of high-quality services. ULPL is continuously investing, innovating and expanding services offerings to meet rising client needs. One area of continued investment is in applied technologies—designed to provide customers with accurate, analytical result.

ULPL offers a wide scope of services to support diverse client needs and dependable quality practices. Data is reviewed by a dedicated quality assurance group; and QA manages instrument/equipment validation, qualification, calibration and maintenance.

A main differentiator is the company’s dedication to high-quality service. Ullmann encourages technical-to-technical interaction and client on-site visits.

With years of experience running numerous laboratories, Ullmann knows what it takes to run a laboratory—from knowledgeable management and personnel. Ullmann’s laboratory operations—professional staffing, regulatory services, lab equipment services—are all designed to keep laboratories running efficiently and cost-effectively. By utilizing Ullmann’s support, knowledge and experience, clients can focus on their core business while increasing profitability and improving laboratory operations. Ullmann will work with clients to provide the right chemistry, the right solution every time.