Testing categories

ULPL tests various cosmetics and beauty products. We have procedures for sunscreens, lip balms, sunless tanning mists, body lotions, lipsticks, foundations, eye colors (shadow and mascara), moisturizers, fragrances and many others. We test by FDA approved standards, and by foreign standards when applicable for export.

At Ullmann analytical lab, cosmetic analysis is one of our primary areas of expertise. Our cosmetic scientists are fully staffed for seven days of operation. Ninety percent of our analyses are performed on a daily basis. Our high quality instruments such as liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and ion-chromatography are used for the assay and purity of active ingredients.

All raw materials must be tested:
• Free of pathogenic microbiological contamination. (Microbiology page linked)
• Free of Inorganic impurities such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and heavy metals as per USP, FCC and CTFA requirements. (Pharmaceuticals arsenic, etc. linked)

Below maximum allowable limits of organic contamination such as residual solvent, 1, 4-dioxane, formaldehyde, phthalate, and nitrosamine.

Cosmetic Labeling Requirements: Products that are cosmetics but are also intended to treat or prevent disease, or affect the structure or functions of the human body, are considered also drugs and must comply with both the drug and cosmetic provisions of the law. Examples of products which are drugs as well as cosmetics are anti-cavity toothpastes (e.g., “fluoride” toothpastes), suntanning preparations intended to protect against sunburn, anti-perspirants that are also deodorants, and antidandruff shampoos.

List of our Cosmetics Analytical Services:
• Antioxidant, Skin Care Products
• Color Additives Testing
• Fragrance and Cologne
• Moisturizers, Emulsifiers, Surfactants, and Stabilizers
• Nail Polish Testing
• Preservative Additives Analysis
• Skin Care and Skin Therapeutic Testing
• Soap and Shampoo Testing
• Sunscreen-Suntan Product Testing