Testing categories

ULPL offers comprehensive analytical support to QA/QC and pre-clinical testing to pharmaceutical, OTC, and biotech industries. Ullmann Analytical Laboratories conducts USP/NF and BP monograph testing, meeting full FDA/GMP requirements (21 CFR). ULPL also provides testing according to EP, PF, or other customer methods if requested.

Ullmann Analytical specializes in testing active drug substances and excipient ingredients in analgesic, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin and mineral supplements. ULPL’s pharmaceutical science group performs a variety of chemistry and microbiology analysis for finished products and raw materials according to USP/NF.

List of our Personal Care Analytical Services:
• Cleaning Validation and Contamination Studies on Production Equipment Testing Process Validation Testing
• USP <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing (Preservative Effectiveness)
• USP <61> Microbial Enumeration Test (Microbial Limit)
• USP <191> General Identification Tests.
• USP <197> UV Identification and Assay and USP <201> Thin-Layer Chromatography Identification and Purity Test.
• USP <211> Arsenic, USP <231> Heavy Metal, USP<261> Mercury, and USP <251> Lead Limits.
• USP <467> Residual Solvents.
• USP <643> Total Organic Carbon for Production (High Sensitive Catalyst)
• USP <731> Loss on Drying, USP <281> Residue on Ignition and USP <921> Karl Fischer Moisture Analysis.
• USP <786> Particle Size by Sieve, USP <831> Refractive Index, USP <841> Specific Gravity, USP <781> Specific Rotation, and USP <911> Viscosity by Kinematic and Rotational Processes.
• Stability Studies (Shelf Life 2 Years, 3 Years)
• Dissolution Testing for Drugs, luding Convention, Extended Release for Capsule, Spin, Basket, Slow-Release Tablet, and Sublingual FTIR Identification and Quantitation.
• GC for Assay and Purity of Drug and Excipient.
• HPLC Quantitation for Assay and Chromatographic Purities.
• USP <1225> Method Development and Method Validation.
• Potentiometric Titration.
• Flash Point, USP <741> Melting Point.