Our Team

The Best Of Professionals

The success of any firm depends on the management which has experience, forth sightedness and maturity to run the business. The firm’s management team shall be the best in the industry. The core management team has about 18 years pharmaceutical industrial experience and suitable knowledge. The team knows how to build a successful team and obviously believes firmly that "the team of right people is the major key to the success of the business". This core team owes the responsibility of establishing a successful and professional analytical laboratory.

The managing director shall be responsible for all the critical decisions. The team has basic understanding of all the technical activities of the laboratory, leading to the test results of highest quality . The team also has the capability of recognizing the vital areas and the persons required to run the overall business successfully.

Our analytical teams can provide a full range of services to meet your needs, in analytical testing We serve markets luding Food and Nutrition ,Dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care industries and much more.