Eco systems

We are committed to environmental protection. Our laboratory sites are designed as per GMP standard thus conforming to world environment, health and safety standards. The primary objective of our eco systems is to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, on our employees and on communities in surrounding areas.

Health & Safety

To ensure that all our employees are at minimal risk, we follow the “Best Practices” programme at plants. This includes:


 •  Emergency response and crisis management
 •  Occupational health centre’s
 •  Regular industrial hygiene surveys
 •  Health risk assessment studies


 •  Mandatory safety training for both employees and contractors
 •  Chemical management system
 •  Risk analysis before modification of an existing one
 •  Elaborate fire fighting systems in operation at plants.

Effective implementation of these steps is ensured through a management system The safety performance of the company is reviewed at the level of chair man and director on a quarterly basis.