Our Organisation

We as Ullmann Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. are leading Public Testing Laboratory in Marathwada region in Maharashtra state of India. We are performing chemical analysis of Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, and phytochemical samples. We at Ullmann Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. developing phytochemical markers and standards. Read More

Our Vision

We as Ullmann Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. looking forward for the Development & establishment of

  • To offer the most technologically advanced portfolio of product/services in the industry
  • To be recognized as a great place to work and grow professionally
  • To be a full service/product provider for contract research and analytical services across industries
  • To continually enhance the level of client satisfaction
  • To expand our client base in India and International markets

Our Mission

  • Making better the lives we touch – Clients, Suppliers, Consumers and Employees

Our Values

  • Total transparency in all operations
  • Care for Quality Cure for All
  • No negotiation on quality – Test and certify products.
  • Give confidence human resources with training and development
  • Conscious Care for Environment, Health and Safety


Years Of Experience

In handling of raw material, finished product, packaging material, stability testing, as well as in method development, validation, product development and manufacturing.

Food Analysis

ULPL inception 2016 . We take pride in providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction in food testing.

Environmental Analysis

ULPL provides a full range of environmental analytical testing services for water, soil, waste water as off today significant number of testing was carried out.

Method Development

Our experienced analysts have carried out numbers of specialised studies aimed at developing analytical methods to suit specific requirements. We can develop protocols for the implementation of these methods.


We have a strong track record in execution of more than this numbers of method validation for pharmaceutical, veterinary pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, waste, food and manufacturing sectors.



We spend a lot of time focusing on SOPs and setting up laboratory equipment and software in order to facilitate maximum compliance. Given the levels of technical details and specific procedures that are essential to proper lab functioning, it makes sense to build systems to effectively share this information and reinforce best practices of GMP and GLP

ULPL operates is critical as well, because it can drive how receptive the team is to adherence. Effective laboratory management relies on a few simple principles and tools that work to tip the scales into optimal lab function.

Our laboratory team completely trusted to adhere to protocols and fulfill their responsibilities. Team members are trained so that they are fully confident in what they do and in their ability to uphold best practices and industry standards.

It is vital for the lab to work together as a team in order to maintain quality and performance. Even though individuals are performing the work, other team members will need to review it or build on outcomes.

Quality always comes first in the laboratory setting—then efficiency. ULPL effective laboratory management ensures that proper quality control and quality assurance practices are in place. We don’t sacrificed quality in the interest of speed or production volume.

What Our Clients Say