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Ullmann laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Analytical Laboratories is an independent contract testing facility offering services to dietary supplements, food and nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter, personal care, and consumer products industries. We specialize in analytical chemistry testing services, from raw materials to finished products. Equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, ULPL also has an experienced and knowledgeable staff of well trained analytical professionals Ullmann laboratories committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients. The validity and reliability of the data generated adheres completely to our quality control procedures and quality assurance protocols. ULPL completely adheres to CGMP/GLP (21 CFR) compliance.

Chemicals Division

• Pesticide & Herbicide Residue • Pesticide Identification
• Method Development & Validation
• Microbiological Analysis
• Nutrient Compositional Analysis
• FDA Nutritional Labeling
• Food Allergens
• Vitamins
• Minerals and Metals
• Pet Food Analysis
• Food Authenticity Testing
• Environmental analysis

Pharmaceuticals Division

ULPL offers comprehensive analytical support to QA/QC and pre-clinical testing to pharmaceutical, OTC, and biotech industries. Ullmann Analytical Laboratories conducts USP/NF and BP monograph testing, meeting full FDA/GMP requirements (21 CFR). ULPL also provides testing according to EP, PF, or other customer methods if requested.
Ullmann Analytical specializes in testing active drug substances and excipient ingredients in analgesic, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin and mineral supplements. ULPL’s pharmaceutical science group performs a variety of chemistry and microbiology analysis for finished products and raw materials according to USP/NF.

Analytical Division

The Analytical Division promotes analytical solution to the various pharmaceutical industries through its current work in the following areas:

Analytical Division plays an important role in contributing to the many industries in support of the analytical sciences. These divisions are dedicated to a specific area of application of the analytical sciences.